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Problem with Facebook app. Connection lost Samsung galaxy s4 with Android 4.3

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Hello! I have a problem from day 24 to update the Facebook app to the new version that came out that day. From the moment I upgraded, I do not work, every time I open it I get the screen that I have no connection and no way. Notices if I arrive, but that's the only screen that always comes to give. Since that day there have been two more updates, and as usual ... 
I have a Samsung galaxy s4 with Android 4.3 and I have tried installing and desisntalar application to delete cache, restarting everything, delete applications ... But do not get it to work. Someone can help me  samsung facebook?
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facebook connection lost solution on technolgygiant


facebook connection problems on android

answered Apr 13 by osky (32,260 points)
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Since today is happening to me as well. In other forums recommend uninstall, clear cache and data, reboot. In my case nothing has worked. Other solutions?
answered Feb 3 by eddy (10,760 points)
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1.- Update to the latest software: Go to “Google Play” (formerly known as “Android Market”) and select MY APPS > UPDATE
This solution doesn’t work for me but I’ve read it solved for some users.
2.- Change your password by going to you Android Settings -> Manage Applications -> Facebook -> Clear Data
With this it will solve most problems. I honestly don’t understand why this change works but It works charmly for most phones
3.- Fully Uninstall and Re-Install Facebook Application from google play. This fixed the connection lost problem for me. Just go to Play Store (on your Android device) or Appstore (on Iphone) and go to Installed Applications and select Facebook Uninstall. Then go search again for facebook and re-install.

facebook doesn't load on samsung


new android facebook app problems

answered Feb 3 by Camelia Down (2,670 points)
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still not working on.my s4  ( 4.3)
go on app Tethering > settings (at the end) and switch ipv 4 to ipv4 and 6.
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Menu>Settings>Applications>Manage Applications>Downloaded>Press Facebook and choose Uninstall. 


how to fix facebook no connection


my facebook does not work on my samsung

answered Apr 13 by osky (32,260 points)
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1-Clear cache than
2. Update the App finally 
3. Restore the Mobile 


your problem must be solve 

problem with facebook

galaxy s4 facebook not working

answered Apr 18 by John (1,240 points)
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The first and quickest thing to try is to logout of the facebook application. Click the menu button and choose logout. It will take a minute or so to remove the cahced data from your phone. Once it is finished, just login to the app again, and see if the error issue has been solved.


problem in facebook application

Galaxy s4 Facebook comments don't show

facebook.android samsung

answered Apr 20 by osky (32,260 points)
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thanks friends its works


fb app for samsung galaxy s clear

answered May 31 by Bilgi Devim (140 points)
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